California Juvenile Detention Sexual Abuse Attorney

Minors who are arrested for allegedly committing crimes, as well as those who have been convicted of committing a crime, are usually held in juvenile detention centers throughout California. Unfortunately, there are times when employees at the juvenile detention centers sexually abuse the minors under their care.

At Greenberg Gross LLP, our team is standing by to help if you need a California juvenile detention sexual abuse attorney. If you or somebody you know has been the victim of sexual abuse while in juvenile detention, you deserve to have an advocate by your side who will help ensure you receive justice and compensation for what happened.

Why Hire Greenberg Gross LLP for Your Juvenile Detention Sexual Abuse Claim?

  • At Greenberg Gross LLP, we offer high-quality, elite legal representation to survivors of sexual abuse throughout California.
  • We have no problem taking on large adversaries, including corrections departments and juvenile detention facilities.
  • Our team helps ensure that our clients have the same resources as their adversaries, which is necessary to level the playing field.
  • We take California juvenile detention facility sexual abuse cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients will not have to pay any legal fees until we obtain the compensation they need.

How Can a California Juvenile Detention Sexual Abuse Lawyer Help?

A California sexual abuse lawyer experienced in juvenile detention sexual abuse claims is going to be an invaluable asset in these cases. Whether you are an abuse survivor or the family member of a survivor, we will work diligently to ensure that you have the resources needed to stand up to these detention facilities and the State of California. Our California juvenile detention sexual abuse attorneys can use our expertise to:

  • Uncover any documents, video footage, or eyewitness statements that help corroborate the claims.
  • Gather all juvenile detention employee records of the alleged perpetrators and those who may have covered up the abuse.
  • Fully negotiate with every party to recover fair compensation on behalf of the survivor.

Types of Sexual Abuse in California Juvenile Detention Centers

Boys and girls detained as minors and sent to juvenile detention facilities are under the complete and control of facility guards and staff members. Unfortunately, studies from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that the sexual abuse of minors and juvenile detention facilities is a widespread problem.

During a recent five-year period, 55 percent of all state or local juvenile detention facility sexual abuse allegations involved youth-on-youth sexual victimization. The remaining 45 percent involved staff-on-youth sexual victimization. Data shows that sexual abuse inside these facilities can occur at the hands of other juveniles, correctional staff members, and security staff. Regardless of whether you were a victim of youth-on-youth sexual abuse or staff-on-youth sexual abuse, you deserve justice. Discuss your case with a California juvenile detention sexual abuse lawyer at Greenberg Gross LLP to learn how we can help you get closure and compensation.

Contact a Juvenile Detention Sexual Abuse Attorney in California

If you or somebody you care about has been the victim of sexual abuse in a juvenile detention facility, contact the attorneys at Greenberg Gross LLP as soon as possible. Our team has extensive experience handling complex sexual abuse cases, including those against government entities in California. We will stand up for your rights and help ensure that you receive closure and justice for what happened. When you need a juvenile detention sexual abuse lawyer in California, contact our team today.

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