California Human Trafficking Attorney

No person should ever be forced into prostitution or made to work in violation of California state or federal labor laws. Unfortunately, children and adults become victims of human trafficking in and around the California area on a regular basis. At Greenberg Gross LLP, our team is here to help when you need a compassionate California human trafficking attorney by your side. If you or a loved one is a survivor of human trafficking, we will stand by your side and help hold the perpetrators of your abuse and the responsible institutions accountable for their actions.

Why Trust Greenberg Gross LLP With Your Human Trafficking Claim?

  • At Greenberg Gross LLP, our human trafficking lawyers have tried hundreds of cases in front of juries, judges, and arbitrators. We are always prepared and willing to take cases to trial, if it is the best option for our clients.
  • We have experience successfully handling high-stakes cases, including going up against major adversaries with extensive resources.
  • We take California human trafficking cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients will not pay us any legal fees until after we obtain the compensation they need.

How Can a California Human Trafficking Lawyer Help?

Human trafficking cases in and around California can become incredibly complicated, particularly when going up against businesses and entities that may be involved in the trafficking. A California sexual abuse lawyer experienced in human trafficking cases can use their resources to level the playing field and improve your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve. An attorney can:

  • Obtain additional evidence needed to prove liability, including photo or video surveillance, statements from eyewitnesses, cell phone tracking data, digital forensic data, and more.
  • Help shield your identity from the public and explain to you and your family the legal processes involved in the case.
  • Handle all communication and negotiations with other parties involved to ensure that you receive fair compensation for what happened.
  • Work with trusted medical and mental health professionals to ensure you are properly cared for.

Human trafficking can involve minors as well as adults, and often results in perpetrators sexually exploiting those they are trafficking. Innocent people are trafficked every day throughout the state of California for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Learn more about how a California human trafficking attorney can help by speaking with the team at Greenberg Gross LLP.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Human Trafficking in California?

There may be various parties that can be held liable for human sex trafficking. The individual perpetrators of human sex trafficking must be held accountable both criminally and civilly for their actions. However, businesses often play a role in these cases, particularly when they turn a blind eye to sex trafficking occurring on their premises. This can include:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Truck stops
  • Campgrounds
  • Personal Residences

During the course of our investigations into human sex trafficking, we often discover that businesses conveniently “overlook” instances of sex trafficking on their premises because they are benefiting when their services are being used and paid for. Our California human trafficking lawyers firmly believe that any company that profits from the exploitation and suffering of survivors in these cases must be held accountable.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Human Trafficking Attorney in California

There is nothing more terrifying than losing all control and being at the mercy of a sexual abuser. Human traffickers deserve to be punished criminally and civilly. At Greenberg Gross LLP, our human trafficking lawyers are ready to help if you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse and human trafficking. We will help ensure that the perpetrators of the trafficking, and any group or company that helped enable their activities, are held accountable for their actions. We will also make sure you receive the resources you need to begin healing. When you need a California human trafficking attorney, contact our team as soon as possible. You are not alone in this.

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