Greenberg Gross Files Lawsuit Against Optimal Christian Academy and School Administrator Mark Mosby

May 19, 2020

Los Angeles, California – Attorneys from Greenberg Gross LLP and Jeff Anderson & Associates filed a lawsuit against Optimal Christian Academy and school administrator Mark Mosby. The plaintiff is a survivor who has asked that his identity be protected as a victim of childhood sexual assault and molestation.

The complaint faults Optimal Christian Academy with negligence and negligent supervision and training, while alleging sexual harassment and assault against Mosby.

“We are filing this case because Mark Mosby, a long-time school administrator, used his authority to harass, abuse and assault a young boy while administrators and teachers at Optimal Christian Academy stood by and allowed it to happen.” said Attorney Deborah­­­­.

Optimal Christian Academy is a small private school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade in Compton, California. Mark Mosby is a long-time member of the administrative staff. His responsibilities, during the time of the abuse, ranged from desk reception to formulating academic structure to disciplining students.

The complaint details how Mosby repeatedly physically and sexually harassed, molested, and assaulted the Plaintiff using his authority. The abuse took place in 2007 when the Plaintiff was enrolled as a fifth-grade student at Optimal. It escalated over the time of the Plaintiffs matriculation at Optimal from harassment and physical molestation to assault.

The Plaintiff alleges the abuse happened with the knowledge of other administrators and teachers. The abuse took place in a room near the front office, known to the children as the “Spanking Room.” It is was necessary to pass by the room near the front office, where at least one administrator’s office was located to access the room.

Moreover, the complaint details how the school failed to adequately train and supervise all counselors, advisors, teachers, coaches, and mentors. In addition, the school failed to follow their own policies regarding corporal punishment, and failed its duty as an educational institution. It also details Optimal Christian Academy’s failure to inform, warn and institute appropriate protective measures to safeguard minors from Mark Mosby.

“Optimal Christian Academy had a duty to protect the safety and well-being of every student. Not only did they fail our client, but they have allowed Mark Mosby to continue serving as an administrator, potentially exposing hundreds of more students to his abuse,” said Mike Reck.

“Every child should be able to go to school without fear, without concern that a teacher or a school authority will harass and abuse them, and those who fail that bar should be held accountable,” said Mike Finnegan.

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